The Winners of the 2012 Short Story Competition


Neil Bristow – The Inheritance

Runners Up (in no order)

Johanna Da Rocha Abreu – May 1st

A Guide to Shoplifting in Berlin – Brittani Sonnenberg

A Slightly Sexually Provocative Short Story – Ambika Thompson

Train – Pippa Anais Gaubert

Shortlist (in no order)

James Harris – Monogamy

Sara Zaske – Green

Marcus Speh – The Preparation

Nick Modrzewski – The Nuns

Ruth Bennett – The Jew of Maltestrasse

Arne Hordvik – Pain

Charles McDaniel – Cat’s Paw

Anna Byrne – Don’t Worry, It’s Just Regret


Thanks to all who came last night….more soon (once the hangover has departed!) Don’t forget you can read Neil Bristow’s ‘The Inheritance’ in this month’s EXBERLINER! Further winning stories from the competition will be available to read in our Showcase very soon. 

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