Courses and Workshops

Advanced Fiction with Ben Fergusson

Led by award-winning novelist Ben Fergusson, this exclusive weekend seminar is designed
for writers who are ready to take their fiction to the next level. Covering both long- and short-
fiction, this session will focus on discussions, practical exercises and prompts to help you
hone your sentences, develop character and iron out the bumps in your writing. (more…)

Kickstart Your Writing 25th/26th November

On the weekend of November 25th and 26th, Jane and Victoria will be running their acclaimed two-day introductory course, covering the basics of fiction writing. Suitable for new writers or offering a shot in the arm for those who want to reinvigorate their writing practise, the course will cover establishing a writing routine, with exercises to kickstart the imagination and tuition on characterisation and dialogue (more…)

Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Eat Me. Drink Me. and Counter Service present:

Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a “food writing” workshop. It’s a writing workshop that
uses food as a tool and looks at it as a place of access and entry into writing about memory,
experience, shame, desire, nostalgia, etc. All the good stuff. (more…)

Find Your Muse – An Expressive Writing Workshop

Dimitra Didangelou is a novelist and psychologist who works with writers to free their creativity. Procrastination and avoidance affect beginners and published authors alike; second-guessing and self-criticism can sabotage all of us. Join Dimitra for a workshop that focuses on overcoming the blocks that inhibit writing freely, connecting with inspiration and expressing your voice without fear of criticism. Over four hours in a friendly and supportive environment, Dimitra will guide you through exercises, lead discussion and impart valuable tools that will make your writing practice more productive.

To sign up to this workshop, please email Dimitra directly at

DIMITRA DIDANGELOU is a psychologist, science journalist and author who aims to help people gain insight and enhance their creativity through expressive writing.

Alongside with campaigning to raise public awareness about mental health issues, she is the founder of “Express YourSelf ”, an Institute which offers online workshops promoting creative living. Her training includes Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), an MSc in Psychology and the Mass Media, a BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Philosophical Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Dimitra is a published novelist and author of many short stories.

Photograph: Tilman Vogler


Creative Practices for Writers

Are you an expert procrastinator? Do you find it hard to write once you’ve sat down at the desk? Perhaps you’re not as focussed as you want to be, or your writing life has lost its joy. Creative Practices for Writers will help you overcome procrastination, self-doubt, fear and frustration, regardless of what genre you’re writing in. By learning a range of techniques and practices (besides the dreaded Pompodoro) you’ll become more productive and happier in your writing life.

During the course, we’ll identify the internal and external barriers and obstacles which inhibit your writing, and develop strategies to overcome them, explore techniques to create the physical, psychological and emotional environments you need to be more focused and motivated, so you can minimise procrastination. Together we will examine how you can manage your inner critic and fear of failure, helping you to overcome writer’s block, write courageously and produce your best work. In the duration of the course we will be practising methods to generate creative energy to make your writing more enjoyable and help sustain you during long or complex projects.

While this course will be taught in English, writers working in any language are welcome. The program is hands-on and includes writing-based exercises, both during the course and at home. Ideally, participants should allow at least two hours per week for exercises to be completed outside course hours.

Please note that we will not be workshopping any creative writing during this course. If you want to support the development of your creative work, take a look at the craft-based programs offered by The Reader Berlin.

Contact to sign up now.


Lucie Stevens is an Australian editor and writer who has worked with authors for over 10 years. In her pre-Berlin life, she was the Program and Publishing Manager at the Australian Society of Authors, and held various editorial and production roles in publishing houses. For the past two years, she has been working in Berlin with publisher Curved House Kids, helping kids learn in empowering and fun ways.

When she’s not wrangling other people’s words, Lucie writes fiction for children and young adults. She was awarded the NSW Writer’s Varuna Fellowship and an Emerging Writer’s Mentorship for her first manuscript. The content of this course covers many of the techniques Lucie wishes someone had taught her a decade ago. Read more about Lucie at

Introduction to Creative Writing

Is there a story inside you that’s waiting to be told? Jane Flett, a BBC Radio short story author and one of Salt’s Best British poets, will be running a nine-week course for writers who would like to explore their ideas in fiction. Whether you’re writing prose for the first time or just need the motivation of a deadline to finish that story, the workshop will provide a supportive environment to share your writing and discover how to improve it. As well as receiving detailed feedback on your own work, you’ll also gain experience critiquing and editing your fellow writers. The course will include classes on narrative technique, characterisation, dialogue and voice, and writing exercises to get your inspiration flowing.

To book your place email

Jane Flett is a short story writer whose work has been commissioned for BBC Radio, read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, awarded the Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award, and published in numerous literary journals. She features in the Best British Poetry 2012 and has toured Europe extensively performing her work. She has also taught this course in Prague and Copenhagen with Reader founder Victoria Gosling.

Starting to Write, Finding Your Voice


Voice is a mysterious subject. As writers, sometimes the struggle is not with what we have to say, but in finding the right way to say it. Join award winning-author Irenosen Okojie for a workshop in which the subject of voice will be thoroughly investigated. Over the course of the day, via discussion, exercises and prompts, Irenosen will help you build the core skills to develop your own voice as a writer. 

Perfect for writers who want to overcome writers’ block or strengthen their existing practice, the workshop is suitable for writers of all levels.

We also have a Salon evening with Irenosen on the 11th September in which she will discuss her writing, give a reading, and hold a Q&A, to have a look check out our Facebook event

To sign up we are asking for a deposit of €15. Email to reserve your space now!

Irenosen Okojie is a writer and Arts Project Manager and author of Speak Gigantular and Butterfly Fish, which won a Betty Trask award. Her work has been featured in The Observer, The Guardian, the BBC, and the Huffington Post. Hailed by Ben Okri as a dynamic writing talent to watch and featured in the Evening Standard Magazine, she is one of London’s most exciting new authors. Find her at and @IrenosenOkojie.