Evening Courses


  • Course Tutor: Donna Stonecipher
  • When: Monday evenings, 7-9pm
  • Start date: 9 Oct 2017
  • Where: Hackescher Markt
  • Number of Sessions: 8
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: €150, €140 for returning students
An 8-week poetry workshop with award-winning poet Donna Stonecipher, PhD, author of four books of poetry and one of prose. Read More...

Introduction to Creative Writing

  • Course Tutor: Jane Flett
  • When: Wednesday evenings, 19:00–21:00
  • Start date: 25 Oct 2017
  • Where: Another Country, Riemann Staße, Kreuzberg
  • Number of Sessions: 9
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: € 170
Whether you’re writing prose for the first time or just need the motivation of a deadline to finish that story, the workshop will provide a supportive environment to share your writing and discover how to improve it. Read More...

Creative Practices for Writers

  • Course Tutor: Lucie Stevens
  • When: Tuesdays 7-9pm
  • Start date: 31 Oct 2017
  • Where: Another Country Kreuzberg
  • Number of Sessions: 5
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: €90 inc VAT
Are you an expert procrastinator? Do you find it hard to write once you’ve sat down at the desk? Perhaps you’re not as focussed as you want to be, or your writing life has lost its joy. Creative Practices for Writers will help you overcome procrastination, self-doubt, fear and frustration, regardless of what genre you’re writing in. Read More...

Scriptwriting Workshop

  • Course Tutor: CJ Hopkins
  • When: Thursday evenings 18:30 - 20:30
  • Start date: 2 Nov 2017
  • Where: CJ’s Writing Room, Kottbusser Damm, Kreuzberg
  • Number of Sessions: 7
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: €140 (€130 for returning scriptwriters)
Multi-award winning, internationally produced playwright CJ Hopkins (cjhopkins.com) will once again be offering a 7-week scriptwriting workshop for screenwriters and playwrights. Read More...