Writing Retreat

Summer 2017 Writing Retreat

From June 22nd to the 28th, join us for a writing retreat in the hilltop village of Pinakates, the aim of which is to get your writing like never before. Providing an inspiring mix of nature, workshops, one-to-one mentoring, solitude and fellowship …


VICTORIA GOSLING is the founder of The Reader Berlin and host of the monthly Sunday Salon series.
DIMITRA DIDANGELOU is a psychologist, science journalist and author who aims to help people gain insight and bring balance into their lives through expressive writing.


Morning: workshop with Victoria

Afternoon: writing time/individual coaching sessions

Evening: ‘Steps into Nature’ Expressive Writing Workshop at the beach with Dimitra.

Getting There

Flights go direct from Berlin to either Athens or Thessaloniki and take about 2.5 hours (cheapest round trip at present €70, but these will hike so book, book, book!). We recommend flying to Thessaloniki as it’s a bit closer. However, Athens is a nice place to spend some time, so maybe you’ll come that way.

Costs and Booking

The total cost of the retreat is €595 per head and places are limited. However, book before April 1st and we’re offering an early bird discount of €60 which will bring the total cost down to €535.

Useful Links

Watch this video taken from past workshops hosted in the guesthouse by Dimitra to gain an idea of what you can expect from the space, the town and the surrounding areas.

Writing Retreat *2017*

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