Getting There


Flights go direct from Berlin to either Athens or Thessaloniki and take about 2.5 hours (cheapest round trip at present €70, but these will hike so book, book, book!). We recommend flying to Thessaloniki as it’s a bit closer. However, Athens is a nice place to spend some time, so maybe you’ll come that way.

For Berliners…

Outward Trip

Berlin – Thessaloniki: We suggest the Ryanair flight at 7:30am which or the Easyjet flight at 10:30am (from Schönefeld)

Return Trip

Of course you may want to extend your trip, but if you are heading straight back to Berlin, we recommend..

Thessaloniki – Berlin: Ryanair flight at 6:30pm direct to Schönefeld


Transfers by public transport from either Athens or Thessaloniki to the nearby town of Volos cost roughly €20 return and take 2.5 hours (Thessaloniki) or 4 hours (Athens). We can provide details when you book with us.

To get from Volos to Pinakates takes about 40 minutes. There are 3 buses a day at 6am, 6:30am and 1pm on Monday-Friday (no buses at weekends). However, it only costs 30 euros in a taxi and we will coordinate sharing with your fellow writers to keep costs down.

Please note, Pinakates is a traditional hilltop village. The coast is a twenty-minute drive away.