Summer 2017 Writing Retreat

June 22nd – 28th

Pelion, Greece

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Between Athens and Thessaloniki lies the Pelion peninsula. Mountainous, dotted by villages and criss-crossed by old paths, the peninsula is bordered on both sides by sparkling seas, and stony and sandy beaches. In Greek mythology, Pelion is referred to as ‘the pass of gods and heroes’.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too – which is why in summer 2017, we’ll be making it our home. From June 22nd to the 28th, join us for a writing retreat in the hilltop village of Pinakates, the aim of which is to get your writing like never before. Providing an inspiring mix of nature, workshops, one-to-one mentoring, solitude and fellowship, the retreat will give you the time, space and motivation you need to make progress with your writing. For you, that may mean kickstarting your writing practice as a beginner, returning to a project that has been gathering dust, or just getting the time to focus fully on your creativity.

We will be taking over a small family-run guesthouse where the plentiful room, shady outdoor spaces and breathtaking views will be ideal for writing. Co-hosted by Reader tutor and Pelion-native Dimitra Didangelou, we’ll not only have a local guide on hand, but an expressive writing expert whose workshops, designed to get you writing without fear of criticism, will form an important part of our programme.

Also on site, Reader founder Victoria Gosling will be providing a series of workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions in which you’ll receive insight, feedback and encouragement. Finally, there will be a range of optional activities, including readings (of your work), yoga, hiking and horse riding as well as excursions to the beach for post-scribble swimming to round out your holiday. You can also get updates and follow our progress on our Facebook event page here.