Last Days – Joan Ray

When they took away Peter’s father he was raving. The end of the world was coming, it was coming soon, and we were all going to die. They knew, but they didn’t want the truth to get out. That’s why he was being silenced, and so on. In response to Mrs Hunter’s emergency call the operator had sent two burly paramedics, but they had not been enough and it had taken an additional four policemen to restrain him.


The Incident – by Kenneth Macleod

The reason my grandfather, Gordon McInnes, felt that everyone should learn to swim was because at the start of the war he was unable to. At that time he was a qualified merchant seaman, and for a poorly-schooled young man from a working-class Glasgowfamily he considered himself, prior to 1939, fortunate in his job. It was secure and well-paid and it showed him people and places he would never otherwise have seen.


Prologue to The Disruptions – Brigid Delaney

The party was in a disused aircraft hangar in a part of town that half way through that violent decade would suddenly become cool, and thus gentrified and expensive. But at the time, on the closing night of the 2000 Olympic Games, it was a choice regarded by many as risky – controversial even.